Love Notes

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Build a Connection

Dates that Won't Break the Bank

    "Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing. Keep your focus on spending time instead of money..."

Five Could be Your Lucky Number!

    "Guess what- the "thrive on five" motto also applies to marriages..."

Happy, Enduring African American Marriages

    "Before the 1970's, the majority of Black households were married families. Recent statistics, however, show that African Americans have a lower marriage rate and a higher divorce rate than other ethnic groups..."

What Kind of Marriage Do You Want?

    "You've thought of everything, and your wedding will come off without a glitch. Can you say the same for your marriage?"

Routines and Rituals Strengthen Families

    "It's tempting to try to save time by eliminating activities that at first glance seem unnecessary and a waste of time. Think again."

Get Connected

    "Each and every day we make many verbal and non-verbal attempts to connect with the people in our families...."

50 Quick Connects

    "For those of you who would like some creative inspiration, here are fifty things you can do to quickly connect with your spouse."

Managing Differences and Stress

A Happy Marriage Helps Women with Work Stress

    "Researchers suggest what they describe as an unusual way for women to unwind after a stressful day at work..."

My Partner is Depressed, and It's Getting Me Down

    "Finding yourself in a relationship with someone who is struggling with symptoms of depression is not uncommon..."

Money and Conflict in Relationships

    "Differences involving spending arise quickly when the time comes to share financial responsibility for a household..."

Caring for Aging Parents

    "More and more Americans are finding themselves in the "Sandwich Generation" caring for their children and parents..."

When Your Spouse is Unemployed

    "When you play the right kind of supportive role, you can help ease strain and prevent the unemployment from having a negative impact on your relationship..."

Communicate Effectively

Start Soft When You Want to be Heard

    "Tired, stressed, let down, disappointed, defen-sive, angry, and guilty. A recipe for an ar-gument? You bet."

Fighting in a Way That's Fair

    "Disagreements happen, and how you handle those differences of opinion is key to the health of your relationship."

Way To Go, Honey!

    "The way you respond to your partner's good news is an important predictor of the health and strength of your marriage..."

Parenting Together

Family Meals Are Great for Kids!

    "You'd like to sit down as a family and share a meal once in awhile, but you don't know if your kids will go for it. Is it even worth it?"

When One Plus One Equals Three: How a Baby Affects Your Marriage

    "While your baby may be desired, planned and well-loved, your comfortable, familiar lifestyle is going to change to accommodate your baby."

Hello, Baby! Bye-Bye, Love?

    "There are some things you can do, even before your first baby is born, to protect your relationship..."

A Couple that Parents Together, Stays Together

    "When couples are supportive of one another's parenting, not only do they have a more satisfying couple relationship, but they are also better parents..."